Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Statement
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 Balance Sheet for the year 2011-2012
 Balance Sheet for the year 2012-2013
 Balance Sheet for the year 2013-2014
 Balance Sheet for the year 2014-2015
 Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement - 2016
 Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement - 2017
 Final Accounts As On 31-03-2018
 Balance Sheet for the year 2018-2019
 Balance Sheet for the year 2019-2020
  Review Report Quarterly
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 Quarterly Review Report June 2012
 Quarterly Review Report September 2012
 Quarterly Review Report December 2012
 Quarterly Review Report March 2013
 Quarterly Review Report June 2013
 Quarterly Review Report September 2013
 Quarterly Review Report December 2013
 Quarterly Review Report March 2014
 Quarterly Review Report June 2014
 Quarterly Review Report September 2014
 Quarterly Review Report December 2014
 Quarterly Review Report March 2015
 Quarterly Review Report June 2015
 Quarterly Review Report September 2015
 Quarterly Review Report December 2015
 Quarterly Review Report March 2016
 Quarterly Review Report June 2016
 Review Report Qtrly - Sept 2016
 Quarterly Review Report Dec'2016
 Quarterly Review Report March 2017
 Quarterly Review Report June 2017
 Quarterly Review Report September 2017
 Quarterly Review Report Dec’2017
 Quarterly Review Report Mar’2018
 Quarterly Review Report June’2018
 Quarterly Review Report Sept'2018
 Quarterly Review Report Dec'2018
 Quarterly Review Report March 2019
 Quarterly Review Report June 2019
 Quarterly Review Report Sept 2019
 Quarterly Review Report Dec 2019
 Quarterly Review Report June 2020
 Quarterly Review Report Sept 2020
 Quarterly Review Report Dec 2020
  Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report
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 Reconciliation of Share Capital
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - Sept 2016
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - December 2016
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - March 2017
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - June 2017
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - Sept 2017
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - Dec’2017
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - Mar’2018
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - June’2018
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - Sept’2018
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - Dec'2018
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - March 2019
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - June 2019
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - Sept 2019
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - Dec’2019
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - March 2020
 Reconciliation of Share Capital - June 2020
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - Sept 2020
 Reconciliation Of Share Capital - Dec 2020
  Shareholding Pattern Quarterly
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 Share holding Pattern - March 2017
 Share holding Pattern - June 2017
 Share holding Pattern - Sept'2017
 Share holding Pattern - Dec'2017
 Share holding Pattern - March 2018
 Share holding Pattern - June 2018
 Share holding Pattern - Sept'2018
 Share holding Pattern - Dec'2018
 Share holding Pattern - March 2019
 Share holding Pattern - June 2019
 Share holding Pattern - Sept 2019
 Share holding Pattern - Dec'2019
 Share holding Pattern - March 2020
 Share holding Pattern - June 2020
 Share holding Pattern - Sept 2020
 Share holding Pattern - Dec 2020
  After Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report
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 Board of Directors Meeting
 AGM Notice
 AGM Notice - News Paper
 Notice of Postal ballot
 EGM Newspaper Adv
 E-Voting Results
  Scrutinizer’s Reports
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 Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Reports
 BBIL - Scrutinised Report
  Code of Conduct

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